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It's been a while

My day started with the rare sight of an upside down rainbow right outside my window.. And it looked exactly like a smile.. a colourful smile.. and it got me into thinking how there are little things in life which makes us happy- how even though there are so many distances and misunderstandings threatening all sorts of relationships, there is still so much love and attachment between people. This is what we must believe in, according to me.. That there is still a little hope in every dark corner, and this is what life should be about-clearing the dark spots up and talking things out.. Sweeping issues under the carpet does no good to anyone, that's common sense.. Try it.Next time instead of vaccuming up the rubbish, sweep it under the carpet, in no time at all, there will be bumps and dents and walking on the carpet won't be so comfortable. The only way out of this 'mess' (pun intended) is to confront it, to get it all out and deal with it one by one..

You might be won…

On a serious note, India

Some statistics of what the future holds for India in 2030:
By 2030,590 million people will be living in urban areas in India, which is nearly twice the population of the United States today.The population of the working-age population will increase by a staggering 270 million.70% of the new employment will be generated in the cities.The population of the middle class urban households will increase to 91 million from 22 million.$1.2 trillion will be required by 2030 to meet the projected demands for capital investments in the Indian cities68 cities will have a population of 1 million by that time, Europe has 35 such cities today.(Figures from a report by Vittal et al, Aprik 2010)

We do not have to geniuses or researchers to gauge the implications such changes and increases could have on the existing set-up today. We do not have to really take a tour of the country to know what condition the infrastructure is in, how much more needs to be done before we can actually match up to the livi…

Natural resources

Hey there,
Exams are slowly creeping closer and closer and I just started revision.
I am going to try kill two birds with the same stone here.. Revise and add a new blog post..
This post is not for the weak hearted.. Hard core Material Worlds stuff.. :)

Natural resources- These are the products of ecological, biological and geological processes that satisfy human needs. This term is widely used in human geography. and signifies the functional utility that is attached to certain elements of the natural world by various social groups.
Eg: Coal, Water

They may be important for several reasons:
Direct consumptionImportant for the maintenance of life or economic production (Eg Maintenance of Biodiversity)Ethical, Aesthetic, Ecological Values attached to itThese natural resources, you would be 'happy' to know (if you haven't dozed off yet) into sub categories on the basis of several grounds.

Biotic and Abiotic resources: By far the easiest one to classify. As you already might no…

Nan Nook..

Hello there,
My back feels like a hundred Bems somehow managed to hop on and jumped on it the whole day( it hurts!) and my legs feel so worn out that if I had to walk one more mile, I would prefer being run over by a submarine or something.. (The point is, you can't really be run over by a submarine, can you?).. basically I feel great, sweaty, tired and in dire need of some stretching out, but still great.

Well, I was not exercising, in case you were wondering. I volunteered in the Nan Nook Woodlands as part of my MLP Module, and what they should have mentioned in the Sign up sheet instead of 'path building and litter picking ' was 'Hard core manual labour, not really meant for women, involves shovelling wood shavings and decomposed material into a wheel barrow using a ten tonne or something spade and then taking it to another spot and dumping it there. And then spreading it out and building paths. The litter picking? Oh, going into deep woods and picking up dog poo, …

Pictures I took today.. :)



(gardening in Bridge, a learning disability college) (the pass.. )
There are moments in life, which make us question our lifestyle and emotions. We get on with our lives everyday, walk to the university lectures or work almost grudgingly, cook our daily meals wishing we could be doing something and sometimes just doodling just because we are bored. We hate to exercise and dread running or playing games sometimes. All this never once stopping to think about how for some, these tasks do not come naturally. The people with 'learning disabilities'.

Wondering where this thought thread came to be? Well, I volunteered for a project in a learning disability school today and seeing the students there struggle with mundane tasks such as cooking, walking, eating and even drawing sparked off an internal debate. We take these things for granted, in fact we (at times) complain about how our food tastes bland, how we hate to walk to lectures, how we hate to draw in class, yet and there exists p…

Much love and gratitude..

Easter break is still on, and while I cannot say much about the work I have pending and the exams which are menacingly close for which I have to revise, I have been doing a lot of thinking.
There is a point in our lives, when we feel a sense of pride in the person we have become, in the way we have grown from the person we knew back then. We feel satisfaction in knowing that we have managed to iron out some of our flaws and that we have managed to change just a few lives for the better. Well, I do feel it to an extent at this point in time. My essay marks might not be top of the class, I might not be breaking any world records for remarkable feats, but I have grown up so much and have developed an almost strong set of values. I have not led down anyone, or atleast I hope I haven't. I have always strived to cheer up anyone who seemed low. I do not do anything which I know I will regret later on, and which will let down my loved ones.
But there also comes a time when we realise ju…

There's an app for that..

Once upon a time, there lived a world who believed in diversity, who did not believe the need to follow a cult or buy an item just because 'they' were told they needed that. Then came October 2001, when this man by the name of Steve Jobs released a rather strange looking MP3 player and insisted that this was what we were looking for. It was just another music player, at first only available in white but later in a range of sizes and colours but essentially just something that plays music. The I-pod does not have an FM-radio system, it stores as much music as the other MP3 players, and is rather plain-Jane, but because of some reason I have never been able to fathom, became a rage. I have rather been rebellious in the sense that I only succumbed to this craze once, I have seen and heard of people who felt the need to own almost all of the new models.

My point of writing this post is to express my 'lack' of understanding for what makes this world so crazy about gadgets …

Fragile-handle with care O.O

The more I think of it, the more I realise (and as you must have established by now,I am a thinking individual!), we humans are really insolent and cheeky.. Think about it. We must be smaller than ants when it comes to comparing our size with that of the universe and whatever there is beyond that. And we act as if we own the whole place. We send our men to the moon, we launch satellites out to space to see what's going on, we research and work out what lies beyond.. We do all these things as if we are going to be around forever, almost unmindful of how vulnerable we really are. There is a wild wild unknown space out there, and all that separates us from it is a 'blanket' of atmosphere, most parts of which is so fragile that some substance called CFCs can actually pierce holes through it.. And we continue, with our ambitions, our emotions as if we are all that matters in this world. There are countless planets in this universe, much bigger than earth and which have vanished…

Give me some sunshine..

Exam timetables are out. Swords have now been drawn and all everybody wants is for time to just fly by and June to come speeding. There is so much tension in the air, and several of my friends have begun their journey towards anxiety and last minute panic. No, don't be deceived by my cool demeanour and the way I am munching my apple, inside whistles are blowing and I can feel my books and notes staring at me from across the table begging to be dusted and given attention to.

But I resist, as they crooned in the movie 3 idiots, "Give me some sunshine, Give me some rain, Give me another chance, I wanna grow up once again." I convince myself one more time, just one more day and I will submerge myself in those books, and not even stop to take a gasp of air. And amidst all this debate and panic, I wonder, what is the point of it all? What is the point of all this studying and exams when all everyone wants to do is just be happy. I know, this is a thought that has streaked pas…

Auld Lang Syne

When I think about it, my head must be a pretty shallow organ. I base this on the fact that whenever I have something new, it is almost bubbling at the top end and there are sirens and alarms going off, and voices screaming, "Write it down.. Tell someone.. Do something" or something like that.

And while I was intaking my daily required level of Bouncing balls on facebook, I was getting a series of Facebook notifications. Well you see, my housemates and me share this facebook thread which is basically the source of our daily gossip and masala. And it got me into thinking back to our school days and a vivid memory of this one day in our 'Bullies' dormitory where one of my friends actually suggested that I write down an account of whatever happened to us in those 8 years, a little 'Tin Fish' inspired idea (It's a book, for those of you wondering..).. Well, not being modest or anything, I cannot really do justice to all the memories we shared and neither will…

Life is a game?

You know how everyone says 'Life is a game' or something like that? I think they are right. But it's not Supermario we are playing (come on, our goal in life is not eating mushrooms and rescuing princesses from dragons while jumping over porcupines and viruses) or Monopoly (well, most of us are not buying property, are we!). The game we are really playing is, wait for it, Bouncing balls!!!Yes, I see your incredulous face, some of you might even be saying 'What is she drinking/smoking?!', but think about it.

We have a limited period of time left on earth, with the end coming closer everyday, then we got different colour-coded balls we got to shoot before it all ends, red for love, white for friends, yellow for work, and so on that we got to shoot before it all ends. Not shoot, but 'deal with'? And sometimes life does put us in positions where we have to make a blind shot. Or we even make the wrong shot sometimes which forces us to make a series of other wro…

Body over Mind?

They say an idle mind is the devil's workshop, and as I sit around in my room the whole day doing nothing, I know it is a lie. My mind, at the moment is filled with cobwebs, thoughts sprayed all over its walls but too splotched and untidy to be legible, and yes, there are emotions too but all too wrapped up in either too dull or garish shades to be barely human. It's the easter break and yes, I have work to finish, but the body wants what it wants, and all it wants to do at the moment is to stay still, unmindful of the sunshine and breeze blowing outside. It's a battle between the mind which wants to go out and soak up the world outside and the body which just wants to stay stationary, and so far the body seems to have the upper hand.. and I am too lazy to care..


There is an emptiness in my heart,
A dull thud in my head,
A sense of desperation strikes me,
And lulls me into sombre sleep,
Disenchantment follows,
Dragging me down with it,
All the way to the bottom..
Idle days it is,
and all I want to do,
Is go home to where voices call..


Shame on me. It's been ages since I wrote my last blogpost. Well, a lot has happened in the past week or so.I went to this amazing place called Snowdonia in Wales. I am hoping heaven is atleast as beautiful as this place, or all good deeds on earth is so not worth it.. :) Yes, That Beautiful..