It's been a while

My day started with the rare sight of an upside down rainbow right outside my window.. And it looked exactly like a smile.. a colourful smile.. and it got me into thinking how there are little things in life which makes us happy- how even though there are so many distances and misunderstandings threatening all sorts of relationships, there is still so much love and attachment between people. This is what we must believe in, according to me.. That there is still a little hope in every dark corner, and this is what life should be about-clearing the dark spots up and talking things out.. Sweeping issues under the carpet does no good to anyone, that's common sense.. Try it.Next time instead of vaccuming up the rubbish, sweep it under the carpet, in no time at all, there will be bumps and dents and walking on the carpet won't be so comfortable. The only way out of this 'mess' (pun intended) is to confront it, to get it all out and deal with it one by one..

You might be wondering why such a random issue found its way into my mind, and this blog. Well, I constantly see this problem around me, in real life and in TV shows and movies.. How they always have issues but won't discuss, won't tell the other person how they feel, when us viewers can see so clearly that the only problem is not that of indifference, it's of not communicating enough..

So yes, let's all do each other a favour, and say right out what's in our hearts, for the world could do with far lesser problems and wars.. :)

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