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a walk in the park



Everywhere we go,
We leave behind a part of us.
Every city it seems,
Seeps into our souls.
Its essence, its history.

The people we brush part,
In the streets of Delhi.
Those we sit beside,
In London's double-decker buses.

We only judge them by appearances,
We know not,
Their tales of happiness and sorrow.
Those who stood beside them,
And those who didn't.

And yet when we look back,
To our travels.
When we share our stories,
We talk of the queer residents.
Those who managed to capture our curiosity.

Flashing lights- London

So it begins, last week in London. :')

Just a rant

We live in a world where we constantly battle with those who stand in our way.We push, we shove, we coax obstacles to get to our destinations.Through it all, what bothers me most is when those  we call our own seek something in us, Something we do not have.

We are human, of course it's in our nature to want the best from our own. But when that becomes a pressure, it does not bode so well.
'Lose weight'. Something I hear all the time. And it is an issue I feel so defensive about. I understand, in most cases, it is said with the best of intentions. But in most, it is said by these 'know-it-all's in such patronizing tones. Something like weight is such a personal issue.

I am an insecure person, just learning to accept myself the way I am. When people chose to make their business to remark on my weight and such, it makes me doubt myself, to scrutinize myself. It is such an irony- you want me to be a confident woman unafraid of the world, and yet you tear me apart and …




And she sits in solitude, every fibre of her body feeling the grains of sand clinging to her,
She listened to the sea-gulls swooping around in the sky,
And the waves that lashed against the rocks,
There were not many days like this,
Life is always such a constant battle.

Question marks wherever we tread,
Are there really any answers?

Waking up from a coma..

Extreme hibernation period on at the moment, only punctuated by trips to get some groceries. Last weekend  fortunately, a friend of mine finally convinced me to get out of this comatose state and explore London with her.  After much discussion and research (on her part), we decided to visit Holland Park in the posh neighbourhood of Kensington. 
London always brings in my mind atleast a picture of chaos and buildings almost squished together, of people always in a hurry to get somewhere, caffeinated drinks in hand.  Holland Park, it turns out, was almost an oasis in this desert of chaos. Lush greens everywhere, people all sprawled in its green lawns. Some walking down the pathways that criss-crossed across the park. Truly a treat.
Here are some pictures I took: