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Sky is the limit.. (photographs taken from my window)

There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky; there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul. Victor Hugo

The soul can split the sky in two and let the face of God shine through. Edna St. Vincent Millay

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time. John Lubbock

The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to      give the best to those who dream and work. Abdul Kalam

The sky, the sky beyond the door is blue. Ryan Stiles

The brain is wider than the sky. Emily Dickinson

More varied than any landscape was the landscape in the sky, with islands of gold and silver, peninsulas of apricot and rose against a background of many shades of turquoise and azure. Cecil Beaton

Artists can colo…

Kitchen Photography (trying to find beauty in mundane kitchen stuff)


La La La

Hello people.. Keeping to the theme of V-day and all, here's my list of all time favourite love songs (in no particular order)..
Statutory warning- some may sound extra extra mushy.. :P
Also, if you want to actually listen to the songs, you may want to right click and open in a new tab/window.. :P
1. Paramore- The only exception
2. Nickelback- Far away
3. Glenn Medeiros- Nothing's going to change my love
4. Coldplay- Yellow
5. Lifehouse- Hanging by a moment
6. Howie Day- Collide
7. Ronan Keating- When you say nothing at all
8. Googoo dolls- Iris
9. Jason Mraz- I am yours
10. Ellie Goulding- Your song
11. Uncle Kracker- Smile
12. The Wanted- Heart Vacancy
13. Guns and roses- Patience
14. Joseph Arthur- Honey and the Moon
15. Adele- Make you feel my love
16. Ben King- Stand by me
17. Stevie Wonder- I just called to say I love you
18. Oasis- Wonderwall
19. Olly Murs- Please don't let me go
20. MLTR- Blue night

Complexity and simplicity

Amidst all the confusion and anxiety a realisation dawned on me.
Why worry about what I was going to be doing, In say a year from now or even twenty. I had life's purpose so well set out, If not the exact path.
There are so many lives in need of some light, So many lives hungry and cold, So many aching for love and warmth, Here I am so wrapped up in my warm room, Complaining about the heating and the non-functional light in the hallway. When back in my own country, There are thousands who shiver to death in the cold, Thousands who spend their nights next to a candle.
Why must I worry about such frivolous issues, Why must I spend my days fretting over simple things, When the complex world awaits me..

Masters of our fate, captains of our souls..

We have heard this story countless of times, a tale of gloom and foreboding. A tale about how our existence on earth was in its 11th hour (amazing documentary by the same name by the way..).. 

It's almost an action movie.  Bad guys- being the corporate power houses, who control the economy and political systems, trapping the world in a web of consumerism- where we almost become zombie-like in our thirst for more and more goods.  They control the systems we operate in. And increasingly we are being led towards the edge of the cliff.. one wrong step and we could be wiped off the face of the earth... Each one of us have heard of climate change, global warming, loss of biodiversity, water and food crisis... we just fail to believe it is happening now, threatening us.. We have been led to believe we are masters of planet earth and that we can continue our pursuit of happiness through limitless growth.. 
On the other hand, the good guys Nature(in this case) is being increasingly diminished a…

Hills, Fish and Imphal.. part 1

Sometimes the wind blows past me, whispering in my ears the calls of longing to be back in my hometown, Imphal. Most non-Manipuris do not have a clue about how Imphal is like and I am often asked by my friends to describe it. They all promise they will come visit me someday which I am sure is pretty unlikely considering how 'happening' Imphal is.

I struggle now to sum up my hometown in a few words. Where do I even begin?  Let me put it this way. From the sky (in an aeroplane, of course), what will first strike your notice is how green the place is. Patches of fields in shades of yellow and green. Little houses scattered around them. Long isolated roads all leading to the city centre. And green hills shielding it off from the rest of the world. You would think it was almost a rural setting.
Land in the city and you will almost get a paradoxical idea about the concept of rural Imphal. As you drive closer and closer into the city centre, you will be greeted by dozens of half built h…
Was just listening to some of the songs I had collected in the past. My connection to music is such, I feel a face connected to each of them... reminding me of people who are or were so important to me.
Sometimes I speak with music lyrics, finding or giving solitude in the words that are sung. Sometimes when I cannot express what is there in my head, I find songs which say it for me..
Raindrops patter against my window, as I listen to Pink Floyd. Just another ordinary day and yet on the inside I smile. And not because I have achieved anything worthy of self accolades ( No, two journals is almost measly considering how much more I need to read, and then process). Sometimes, life itself just makes us smile with glee.

Breathe slow

Music plays in the background adding a beat to the thoughts which stream in the insides of my head. There is a lot in my head- applications, dissertation, holidays, friends.. There is a pile of books in front of me to read, a pile of envelopes to send out to hotshot universities- Sometimes I am afraid this will be the only time I get to spell out their names. I am afraid I will not have a place to go.

This chapter is slowly drawing to a close. I need to find a place to go after. London seems to call out, and I try to answer, rather reticently. Not a big fan of big cities you see. But if that is where my destiny awaits, so be it.
There is a common thing with people, places and things- we, as human beings are pretty capable of growing to like something. First impressions can often be wrong too. This is the hope with which I apply to colleges in London. I know they would be the most stable stepping stones for me, to the destination I know nothing about.
Maybe I will find salvation and a …


I don't remember the first time I met Purni. Maybe because we were born cousins a year apart, and grew up together in the same neighbourhood. Anyway, ever since my memory box started being functional, and memories began to be heaped into it in bunches, Purni featured in most of them.
She was there when we first began to ride bicycles around the block, never stopping and going on in spite of the many bruises.
She was there when we played house-house, plucking most of the flowers from her house's flowerpots, much to the ire of her mother.
She was there when I got my first serious cut, playing hopscotch in the courtyard. She was the one who raised the alarm bell by screeching out aloud on seeing the open wound, and she was there when I was taken to the doctor.
We were an inseparable duo, adventurous and ready to try everything. Everyday after school we would meet by our houses and plan new adventures. These were the days when Internet had not crept into our lives and playing outd…