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The secret ingredient is... Nothing.

So, a friend I had made recently came to visit me in my new place last night. Till date I had always wondered how we even became friends, being stark opposites of each other. She likes to party, goes clubbing even when she has high fever and can barely stand up straight. I like to stay indoors and my idea of an ideal weekend is lots of movies and a tub of Ben and Jerry's with friends. She lives to socialize and would talk to just about anyone who had ears to listen with. I abstain from talking to strangers and sometimes walk the opposite direction just to avoid having to make conversations even with people I know.
Anyway she was giving me an account of all the people she had made that week and something just made me ask 'How can you even talk to strangers. What do you talk to them about?'. I thought it was finally time that I got the secret ingredient to being a socializer. My reaction to the answer was very similar to the one of Po in Kung Fu Panda when he was told the se…

A little note.

Sometimes we just don't see eye to eye. Sometimes we answer the phone already angry and ready to snap. We seem to have lost the giggles and bull-fights we had back when I was younger. So many things have changed. If it means I go apart from you, I hate growing up.
 Look at me closely, I am still the little girl for whom the safest place in the world is in your arms. I am still the little girl who misses you everyday she is away from you. I am still the little girl for whom you are the most important person in the world. I am still the little girl for whom nothing matters more than your appreciation. I am still the little girl who would give up everything in her world for you and that would still not be enough to show you how much she loves you.
I might get irrational. I might annoy you with my impatience. I know I tend to be selfish and think only for myself. I know you deserve way better than this. That you are worth far more that I give credit to you for.
But see me. See me, I a…

Eat, Pray and Love

Sleep comes knocking softly, turning my eyes crimson red,
And yet I refuse to surrender into its sweet arms,
I want to stay awake and type away,
The words that bang on the door on the other side,
So many things left to be said, and unsaid.

Yes, I am in one of those poetic moods now. Today, having being a long day starting at 6. This engine called life has been chugging along for more than 18 hours now. Out of which almost 3 were devoted to 'Eat, pray and love' (yes, the Julia Roberts one) - excluding the time it took waiting for the bus in the chilly Manchester cold, the loitering around we did in the city waiting for the appropriate time to walk to the cinema, and then finding the cinema.

In retrospect, was it worth the entire ordeal, umm, not so sure.. When I look at it at face value, no. Especially because she ended up choosing 'the man who looked like a horse' (I swear he did!) over James Franco (What were you thinking Liz!!). But the message the film brought with …

Like a fish out of the water..

It has been a while, and like always, there are a million things in my head waiting in a queue, to jump out and appear here in readable words. And like any other Indian queue, this queue is pretty disorderly and all the thoughts fight with each other to appear first.

Ah, there is one I must share. This time, coming back to university, I happened to have the good (mis)fortune of being able to upgrade my seat from the usual Economy to Business class. As I stretched out my legs and looked around, I found myself feeling a little out of place. I was not, you see, very familiar with the soft push buttons which flicked out the leg rest here and a tray there, the video screen which had to be pressed and then rotated and twisted to be able to watch the array of movies which kept me entertained for the length of my flight. I was also not very comfortable with the way the air hostesses smiled extra sweetly and offered me just about anything and everything. And with the way the other seats were o…

Tạm biệt Việt Nam

I still remember, the apprehension I felt right before I boarded the flight. Would i like it there? Would the people going with me be amiable enough? Would I be able to teach kids English or would my shyness and reticence hinder the lessons..There were many such doubts in my head, doubts that stayed on for a long long time. The first few days weren't so easy. Arriving before the others and getting a room to myself did not help much either. And then friends happened. And I met the kids. If you knew me well, you would understand what an ordeal I found the 30 minute or so cycling in the Hue sun to be. Reaching the orphanage where we would be teaching drenched in sweat and tomato red is not something one looks forward to at 6.40 in the morning. 

The ten 6-7 year old boys in my class were the wildest bunch ever. In class, they would be easily distracted. They would want to draw all the time. They would scream and copy me. Not understanding Vietnamese and therefore not being able to comm…