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the storm

the storm rages on outside
heaven unleashing pent up anger
hurling lightning bolts
and screaming yells of wrath
the ground below shook
windows jolted
it really feels like the end

there is a battle underneath
this elaborate concoction of skin and bones
fragile enough to be shaken
with all the yelling there is a wonder
as to why there are only echoes and emptiness
an undefinable pain within
is there an answer for this
or will the rains wash it all away
till the voids are flooded
with rivulets of regret and longing.

New lows

Newspaper article reads- DESAM vandalises partying-bar, rounded up teenagers (; there are videos already being circulated on social media documenting this 'raid'- men yelling at shocked girls who were just out to have a good day.  The organization justified it as a means of controlling 'cultural pollution' in the state. Apparently the youth of the state were falling prey to the evils of the world- booze etc, and needed such actions to save them all from doom.  I guess living in such a place, where such well wishers roam around, forcefully conducting 'Keina Katpa' of couples on dates and storming cafes and restaurants, and dictating what you can drink and do (and taking photographs and videos of such raids- of only the girls caught, and not the boys, mind you), one can be forgiven for wondering if one has time traveled to the medieval ages, or even the age of Taliban. The naharols…