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decisions decisions

Hastily made decisions has never brought a bountiful of happiness to anyone, don't we know this too well. We have learned lessons in life through experiences. A mistake here and we immediately know that the next time a repeat happens, we should absolutely take the other route.

Inqalab zindabad!

There is a rebellion brewing in the Capital city led by a certain Gandhian in white. This is the moment where we are made to feel like we are the spectators of a Superman movie. Good vs Evil being the message being delivered. Like every cliche movie which bombs the box office unless it has a superstar in the lead role, this one too has the ingredients such as a noble cause, the ever so powerful evil and the ever so resilient good. Every newspaper and news channel have decided to become 24/7 CCTV to the happenings in a certain maidan.

Call me naive or even a desh vidrohi, but I do not feel such means could suddenly lead to the sweeping off of all things bad from this country.

For one, I am all but resentful of the hypocrisy with which the Government has been responding to protests of this sort. A few days fasting from Anna and they immediately decide to consider the Lokpal Bill. But of what use has the ten years or so of Irom Sharmila's fasting been? Moreover, to add salt to the wo…