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Blah Dubai

Been a while since my last actual post (Copy pasting Steve Job's video doesn't count eh? :P )..
I am now 5600 kilometres away from Manchester, tapping away on my tiny netbook.
Having been in the air (literally) the whole of the night, feeling slightly light-headed..
A thought struck me while the gigantic plane whose wings on which I was seated was soaring down to its Mother-ship (read Dubai).. The lavish lights and buildings that suddenly bedazzled the night sky.. The opulent boutiques and restaurants that dot the periphery of the terminal building(s)..
I remember the sight of the new Indira Gandhi Airport's International terminal.. even that seems to be heading in a similar direction.. Leaves me wondering about how these would mean a more widening gap which would appear while these trends continue.. Makes me sad thinking about how while these cities keep reaching out for new heights, we as in Manipuris are still plunged in darkness what with the loadsheddings and e…

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