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That four letter word

For, love is a word carelessly hurled,
At a friend who accidentally might say the right thing at the right time,
At a stranger who might do a good deed.
To acquaintances in a casual get-together.Ubiquitous and cheap a word it now is,
Something commonplace,
I too find myself gushing it to people
Who hardly have a place in my heart. That's what this fast everything world does to you.
Takes away the beautiful things and utterances.
Much like the two minute noodles,
And five minute mc Donald fries,
I love you too has become a merely hourly thing.
Spoken to people you barely know,
And taken for granted by people you do know.-A disgruntled soul

Malice of the clouds

And just like that, strangers they become.
Old habits become a memory, to caress on lonely days.
Just like that, stubborn souls shun, but does the soul really forget.The familiar remain just that, familiar.
Old war scars are scrapped, oh the sting.
There's something haunting about alone-ness.The demons haunt, oh how they haunt.
Friendly gestures oh how they deceive.
Oh how easy it has been to replace, and be displaced.Life goes on, they say.
But does it, for I am still stuck at that time,
When laughter flowed carelessly,
Not one dark thought looming like the malicious clouds above.
Oh look, how they open and pour,
The rain, it pours. Like an unquiet company, speaking ceaselessly.
There's no stopping it now.
Oh the rain, how it pours.