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Mice and the Lakes

Plans had been etched out days in advance, excitement had been brewing in us for quite some time. It was rather disappointing that we could not spare more days but the idea of a day trip to the Lake district is pretty much a great achievement for the seven of us whose every plan always flops or never even takes off from the launch pad.

How could this trip have been any different. The day began rather ominously with us reaching the station dangerously close to the departure time. We, typical style, decided that we had enough time to fill up our fuel with sandwiches and baguettes, having rushed through back at home and feeling increasingly complaining stomachs. The platform, we thought (let me add) was right next to where the cafe was, and so we would be able to easily skip through the doors and board it on time.

As it turned out one minute before the train departure, we realised the platform was on the other end and we needed to barge our way through several escalators and walks. As ex…

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Angry birds etc

While back in India a  yoga guru hogs the limelight and makes absurd and practical demands in one breath,
and the Government stages its own Olympics, with sprints to the airport and then boxing away the ridiculous statements,
the people watch on, looking left and right, who to believe and who to follow.
A Government is by the people, of the people and for the people we learned in Civics way back in school,
As we grow old, we increasingly see that is so much the case.
The Government is rather a video game, like Angry birds,
We elect pig like leaders (forgive the metaphor) and are soon dissatisfied, soon we are slinging ourselves at them,
Trying to shake things up, trying to make changes,
But really what can we expect..

So we play on, game after game..
We play on as we nonchalantly chant great speeches about India being a superpower and all that,
On the other hand, our neighbours march on,
Earning laurels even as far as a French Open title..
What do we do even in that field,

Memories Picture 1

Snapped this picture last holidays back at home. We went to see the Singda dam for my dissertation field work..
As you can see it was a very rainy day and we could not actually enter the compound of the Dam site.
Militants had apparently taken over the site for a couple of months and locked it down.

Anyway, loved this picture the moment I took it from my car window..


I remember back when I was in school and we would have regular GK quizzes.. It was in 2003-2004 that I figured out that in every question relating to tennis wins, I just had to scribble the name of Roger Federer and I would be right most of the times. I do not remember the exact day I began watching his matches, oh how I wish I did..
For it has utterly changed my indifference to tennis into a love for the game.. Not any game played by every tennis player, mind you.. But for that played by Roger Federer..

I think there are barely any words relating to elegance and grace left that has not been used to describe this man's game.. And oh boy, is he elegant? Not the awkward forceful smashes we see from contemporary players, but simple almost artistic strokes that makes the racquet a sort of paint brush and the court a painting..

Yesterday was his big Semi-Final match with Djokovic who has been elevated to almost a 'Goliath' of late.. with his 42-0 wins since the beginning of the…

m-a-n-c-h-e-s-t-e-r's indifference

As the curtain almost falls on my chapter entitled 'Manchester', I cannot help but feel a sort of dread. This city having been my home for three whole years has endeared itself to me, binding me to its buildings and people. It feels like it was only yesterday I stepped into this city with my mother, the memory vivid of the first sight- toy like buildings from the flight above.. 
And now having figured out the big and small lanes between buildings and absorbed the sights this brilliant city has to offer, I cannot help but already miss its indifference. It is a strange thing to miss- this indifference. I can almost feel your confused faces- why would anyone want indifference? you might ask..
Well, some cities, take the great city we call Delhi for example, have a population who devours you with their stares. They have a knack of spotting peculiarities and letting these peculiarities realize it.   Manchester is different. It is indifferent and lets you be.. 
It is one where peculiarit…