(I found this picture on BBC.. )
I remember back when I was in school and we would have regular GK quizzes.. It was in 2003-2004 that I figured out that in every question relating to tennis wins, I just had to scribble the name of Roger Federer and I would be right most of the times. I do not remember the exact day I began watching his matches, oh how I wish I did..
For it has utterly changed my indifference to tennis into a love for the game.. Not any game played by every tennis player, mind you.. But for that played by Roger Federer..

I think there are barely any words relating to elegance and grace left that has not been used to describe this man's game.. And oh boy, is he elegant? Not the awkward forceful smashes we see from contemporary players, but simple almost artistic strokes that makes the racquet a sort of paint brush and the court a painting..
Woohoo! (picture from the Internet)

Yesterday was his big Semi-Final match with Djokovic who has been elevated to almost a 'Goliath' of late.. with his 42-0 wins since the beginning of the season and having beaten Federer several times and so on.. No one was betting on Federer to win this one.. He was the David, the Underdog as BBC called him in their commentary.. I found myself almost cold sweating with apprehension, my heart thumping faster with every point..
Disbelief and amazement whenever he nailed a great shot.. Sigh of helplessness every time he got it wrong..
Shame when he finally slayed Goliath for I had doubted him and what he was capable of..
As the commentator from BBC put it 'How dare anybody write Roger Federer off' at the end of the match.. in reply to speculations about the end of his invincibility and how Novak Djokovic and Nadal were getting the better of him..

And as an ardent Federer fan myself, I could not agree more.. :)


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