Let me dream a while

I am just like you,
I have dreams too.
In those dreams I succeed,
In those dreams I survive.
I hold them close,
These dreams of mine.

I just want to be me.
Just want to exist carefree,
Be where people can pursue all that they want.
Where they are not held back by cautious hands.
How can I let myself fly,
When I am being held back.

Let me go once a while,
Let me dream a little bit.
Let me fool myself into thinking I am good enough.

This world will crash those dreams,
Like waves crashing against a wall of rocks,
But let me still ride the waves for a while,
Feel the exultation of flight.

Have you not had crazy dreams too,
About what you could be in a forgiving world.
Why then do you go crushing my dreams,
And driving me into a cocoon.


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