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Its all in the mind(-set)

As we make our way through the unkindness/mess/murder of fume spluttering cars and scooters and buses and trucks (having learned of names for groups of birds or animals or even people back in my school days I have realised that these three are the most appropriate for describing the vehicles that litter the Imphal roads) each day, I sigh with grief.  I think of the cities such as Manchester which have such an organised public transport system which have a well managed infrastructure reducing the need for use of private transport. The timetables and networks for buses, trams and trains so well planned that it is possible to get from A to B or even to Z with the minimum of worries.
Moreover the use of cars or even bicycles is discouraged in more ways than one by having hefty fines for illegal parking and charging almost a ransom sized amount for using even the legal parking lots.  I guess it is all in the social outlook of the city or town to public transport too. In Delhi for example,…

White noise and cobwebs

Waiting between transmissions, transmissions of a spark of hope somewhere, or even a cloud of inspiration, there is white noise. Like that between radio frequencies.
The sort of comforting and yet disturbing voices, asking, telling and yet not listening.
We walk on and on, with this white noise for company, sometimes feeling as if it were a lullaby in our minds.Spiders spin their silvery grey webs in our heads. and soon it fills up the empty spaces.
Like an over crowded attic, we will find it difficult to soon sort out the mess in our heads.

Waiting for the world to change

There has been a lull on this blog largely attributable to the fickle internet connection that I have access to by virtue of being in my home town.
The newspaper headlines that greet me everyday that cries out about infrastructure woes here and there, 'unidentified persons' (read militants) extorting money or shooting people, agitated people protesting for something or the other.. The power cuts that the population has learned to adjust their lives around.. The numerous billboards that advertise universities and colleges and jobs out of the State.. all of this raise in me a protest, a cry for a need for change..

My idle mind always gets me thinking about answers to questions.. Questions about why I want to do a course in Development Studies, why I am even thinking of joining the Civil services.. The one reason I am even thinking of these is I am discontented with life in this godforsaken city, I want change.. But I cannot keep waiting for the world to change, I might have to do…