Waiting for the world to change

There has been a lull on this blog largely attributable to the fickle internet connection that I have access to by virtue of being in my home town.
Chester Zoo, March 2011
The newspaper headlines that greet me everyday that cries out about infrastructure woes here and there, 'unidentified persons' (read militants) extorting money or shooting people, agitated people protesting for something or the other.. The power cuts that the population has learned to adjust their lives around.. The numerous billboards that advertise universities and colleges and jobs out of the State.. all of this raise in me a protest, a cry for a need for change..

My idle mind always gets me thinking about answers to questions.. Questions about why I want to do a course in Development Studies, why I am even thinking of joining the Civil services.. The one reason I am even thinking of these is I am discontented with life in this godforsaken city, I want change.. But I cannot keep waiting for the world to change, I might have to do something about it somehow someday. Like a hopelessly hopeless romantic, I wait, I hope, and I dream.


  1. Hi,
    The first I came across ur blog I thought hmmmm its an interesting blow to read n follow so I try n read ur blog whenever possible.

    Keep writing n don't get me wrong for this advice but studying Masters in Development Studies after a degree in Environment Studies will be really interesting but do consider working for 2-3 years in a developing nation before u join Masters will be helpful.

    I am saying this from my personal experience. I am going to study Masters in Development Studies this year but after working for 6 years n a masters degree in rural development.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words and advice.
    It does make sense, working for some years. But for the path etched in my head about the future, I need to do my Masters first.


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