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random thought.

There are people we meet in life who we want to instinctively take care of, people who touch us in foreign parts of our hearts and make us so bound to them that being with them and loving them is the only way of life we know. Not many are lucky enough to find such bonds. Some have to struggle, squint and ignore the misgivings to see the light shining through. Some have to look past the external happy masks and see the holes that they want to fill. But the question is: How many people do that? How many reach out and hug someone when they put on a brave face and just smile. How many learn to disbelieve and see through a person's 'I am okay'?
The world is a strange place. There are so many people, alone and not lonely. And yet many more who are lonely and alone. Who just need the touch of a hand to make everything alright. And there does exist people who would be more than happy to reply to that one urgent SOS call.