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A dam waiting to burst..

Life is a rat race, you have to run fast and ahead of the rest, or you will be beaten.
This world belongs to those who put studies first.
Happiness and love is secondary, all you need is a job which gives fat checks, never mind that you will have to be behind a desk throughout your life.

These are things people tell us, and which most of us follow blindly.. and some, not so blindly. At a point in life where I felt like I was on a leaking boat, holding on to its side for dear life, I watched the movie 3 idiots.

Dear fellow human beings, there should be a statutory warning which comes with such movies made to inspire people to follow their hearts. "Do not watch. Producers cannot be held accountable for the consequent thought-storms that may strike those already in a conflicted position" or something like that.

I mean, here I was, settling back all content with my life, a slightly sketchy map in hand, with the big red cross marked, as in a treasure map, and then comes alo…

The Bird in a Golden Cage...

You know what I think, if you have to clip someone's wings in whatever way, don't show her the open sky and other birds soaring high in free-will, it will kill her from the inside. Instead, keep her in a pretty golden cage in a room, far away where the happy chirps of her fellow birds cannot be heard.

And you may say I am a dreamer, but please tell me I am not the only one.. :P

Hola world..
It's been a long day (Today being the first day I decided to actually go out and start earning some hours for the compulsory volunteering hours I needed for one of my many modules). Being a normal University student (a tad bit the 'lazy' kind), I grumpily shut my alarm, sipped some hastily made coffee and dreading the 'cleaning challenge' I had signed up for, turned up at the place just about on time. At first, picking up litter from the streets in some obscure corner of the city seemed so mundane, so boring. But as I went past the houses, picking up the little bits of rubbish (and sometimes even pretty big ones), I got to thinking about the ingenuity of the City council. I mean, it's a gain gain situation for everybody. The City council has lesser tasks to do, the community has cleaner streets and the student volunteers- Well, they get their much needed hours and this very good feeling of having done something productive for once.
And the dreamer tha…

Oh Well...

Hello world(again). Feels like it has been a while since I last poured out my thoughts here. Oh yes, Happy Valentine's Day and Gong Xi fat Choi (basically, Happy Chinese New year). And as usual, I have my opinion about these two events.

Valentine's Day. Ahh. The roses, the chocolates, couples walking hand in hand, red everywhere. All we would need is a Cupid fluttering about, shooting arrows here and there.. and oh yes, a wash-basin to throw up in for me please? I read somewhere once that Valentines Day was meant to make the singles in the world feel miserable for being alive and I could not have agreed more then. But now I realised, it's just a day card-makers, confectioners and florists invented to empty the pockets of love-struck morons across the globe. I mean, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Sister's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Rose Day, Hug day, Hug an Irish Day, and this ridiculous list goes on and on. It's bad enough that the rain…

My world of Why's and What-if's..

Life is very generous when it comes to handing us the lemons. There seem to be hurdles everywhere, and yes though it does add more sweetness to success and all that, own up, a bland life sounds somewhat more preferable.

I realised today, life is easy when you have got people to point at and blame when things go wrong. But what if there is no such scape-goat. What if the mistake is made by the person on the other side of the mirror? What then are we to do?
I have so many dreams. Not found one yet to live my life for, but nevertheless small dreams, to get me from one point to the other until I find the real deal. I want to make my loved ones proud. I want to try and be more independent. I want to prove to myself that I am good enough. I want to graduate with top marks. Blah Blah.
And mind boggling, how all this can crash with such a innocuous looking problem. That too, worth 20 credits. A seemingly small price for dreams, you would think. But the psychological impact of such 'small…

Let down

The worst feeling in the world? I googled it, curious to know what the answer to that might be. And found a pretty reasonable answer- 'The loss of people you love. Those that make each day worth waking and greet you with a smile. Not to ever have that again is the worst feeling in the world'. I would have agreed to this whole heartedly had I not experienced the real worst feeling in the world.

Maybe it is because I have not fully matured yet, but I like to think everyone is perfect- my friends, my family, my close ones. I know it is not true, and yet I choose to believe in it. And when these very people I let into my heart makes even a small mistake, it kills me from the inside.
I must learn from the past I know. Not to let people in so easily, and not to take everything to heart. Not to mind that people put their interests in front of mine with matters relating to my own life. Not to care that some do not consider me as dear to them as I consider them dear to me. Not to envy th…
Everyday we read about Global warming, Climate change, pollution and various other environmental issues, and I find it slightly ironical that we always say 'Save the environment' or 'Save mother nature'. The truth is, the environment does not need any saving, and neither does the earth. It will go on revolving around the sun, it will go on existing, whereas it is us who are in serious threat of extinction. It is us who are now been forced to find ways to adapt to the ever changing environment. Talking about this adaptation, have you ever noticed, while the developed countries have already planning and even implementing solutions and means to combat climate change, the developing countries are still very much discussing whether it even exists and thinking what they 'could' do in the future. Sad, but true.

Anyway, coming back to the point, wake up earthlings. It is ourselves we need to save, not 'Mother earth'. Like it or not, mother earth will go on exist…

Manipur on fire..

There is a fervent in the blood of our youth, which if tapped, could help the State of Manipur achieve great heights, but if not, which would poison our society, lead to chaos and anarchy, and further degrade the state.

This is the thought which runs through my mind everytime I read an article about the happenings in the State. I see the comments made my Manipuris on the facebook group page (Manipur comments) and somehow feel that if this is not just lip service, Our state will do just fine when this generation takes over power. But then power itself is such a drug, it poisons our inside and burns up all the integrity and ambition for general welfare, leaving behind just a tiny ember of dying patriotism.
But all we have is Hope, hope for change, radical change in our system.. Love, for all people living in the state Respect, for the diverse communities, Honesty,to ensure that all men alike, work for the welfare of that state...
Only then can Manipur be known to the world for better things …

Rainy days

Hello world.
Yet another rainy day here, and once again, am room-bound, with just my laptop and Tesco's Apple and Raspberry 'Slightly sparkling' water for company.
Isolation is such a strange thing. On one hand, it means quiet time and yet there is ever really a sense of silence inside the head. Yes, there are so many clashing feelings making waves in the contours of my brain's interconnecting nerves. There, I really wish I had taken Mrs.Mishra's Biology classes sincerely. Then, I would atleast know exaxtly which part of my brain I was talking about.
Nevertheless, back to my thought of the day- Why does it matter to us what people really think about us? Yes, some of us might be living in denial about how seriously we take the opinions of others about us, but a majority of us have asked this to ourselves at some point in our lives.
My opinion about this is that: Man being a social animal needs the companionship of others, needs to feel loved in order to be motivated t…