Oh Well...

Hello world(again). Feels like it has been a while since I last poured out my thoughts here. Oh yes, Happy Valentine's Day and Gong Xi fat Choi (basically, Happy Chinese New year). And as usual, I have my opinion about these two events.

Valentine's Day. Ahh. The roses, the chocolates, couples walking hand in hand, red everywhere. All we would need is a Cupid fluttering about, shooting arrows here and there.. and oh yes, a wash-basin to throw up in for me please? I read somewhere once that Valentines Day was meant to make the singles in the world feel miserable for being alive and I could not have agreed more then. But now I realised, it's just a day card-makers, confectioners and florists invented to empty the pockets of love-struck morons across the globe. I mean, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Sister's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Rose Day, Hug day, Hug an Irish Day, and this ridiculous list goes on and on. It's bad enough that the rainforests are being inhumanely depleted and many animals are being displaced from their homes ( a reason for which I am very sure is the printing of millions of cards for people to 'celebrate' the various 'important' days), now human beings are made to feel like crap for forgetting these dates and further more for not caring to send something.

Do not get me wrong, I love birthdays, for example- the cake, the gifts, the wishes... But I only like the genuine ones. Not the ' Oh, facebook tells me its so-and-so's birthday, I got to wish her, Damn it!' kind. My point is, these days should be genuine, set between the loved ones themselves, not by Archies or hallmark or Cadbury. And the world should never have been so materialistic and public driven that they now have 'Top Valentine's Day Gifts for Him/Her' or 'Top Birthday gifts for an 18 year old'. Like relationships which are each so unique and personal in their own way, so should be their celebration.


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