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Found myself today in a strange frame of mind, reminiscing about the days gone by, and the memories which seem to get hazy as more days go by.. Technology is such a brilliant and indispensable thing. Facebook messages, gtalk chats, even phone messages.. All a log of conversations you had or didn't have.. Makes the growing distance between people even more blatant..You know, time has that painful power.. Of healing the pain, and worsening it too, all at the same time.. I find myself, time and again, missing people.. Those who are not in my life anymore.. Those who drifted apart from as we grew up..Sometimes I wish I could go back to the days when things were different, so that I could cherish the bond we had back then even more.. So that I could show them just how much they meant to me..Sometimes I wish I could have them now, with me, so that I could have more memories with them.. So that I would not have to rack my brain to remember what they looked like, how they spoke, how they …

Beep beep

Is there anything more annoying than traffic jams.. Well there are a lot of things more annoying, but surely, traffic jams on highways would rank as one of the more high BP inducing incidents among all.. That too on a hot sunny day. forty degrees or so heat..So here I am back in one of favourite cities of the world, figuring out life.. Well more like "figuring out life" which is my code for this exam no one likes to admit they are giving..
(UPSC exam, if you must know)..It has something to do with the success rate, or rather the failure rate. Millions of people in India give it each year, and yet only a few hundreds find themselves at the other end of the hurdles..So anyhow here I am, preparing for the exam, which should explain the lack of blogging..