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It was a VIP event, so as to speak. A decadent event where the drinks and tandoori chicken flowed.. bearers dressed in white whisking in and out of the carpeted hall carrying platters of food. Guests sat on sofas, partaking in polite conversations with their neighbours, while listening to the singers who graced the stage. Right, the music, which was the reason for this particular gathering, and which my father thinks deserves a review from my side.The music. Two years ago, I happened to attend the same event, and by no means do I mean this as a compliment, they sang the same songs.
The same faces, the same kind of music, the same gaudy lights. Manipur is rich in diversity.. of people, of flora and fauna, and so on.But when it comes to music, specifically the mainstream music, it is sadly still lagging behind. Most of this so called "Manipuri music" are "inspired" (a more generous word to replace "copied") by/from Hindi or Korean music.. to the extent tha…