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Worldly advice.. :)

As I pack my belongings into boxes, readying myself to leave my room with the cool sliding window and looking forward to the 'en-suite' one next year, I cannot help but feel a little nostalgic. You see, I have always been one of those people who is always scared of letting go of the comforting old stuff and adapting to new ones. But what these last two years have taught me is, new things are not so bad, they could be better.

September 2008 : A month I had been waiting for, for months. Freedom from boarding school and home, I had thought. But as I packed my stuff then, I could not help but feel anxious. What if the people there did not like me, I thought. What if I did not make any friends and had to be alone always. Loneliness is a scary thing, we all know that. Some 'concerned' people in school had told me-'You need to let go of your childish behaviour. People in college won't accept you this way.' If only they could see me now, how I feel like I belong h…

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Happy as happy can be.. :D

Do you ever wake up in the morning, see a dull grey sky outside and yet feel light in your heart and mind, feel almost happy, just to be alive? Do you ever look through pictures, see how fat and chubby you look, cringe at your not-so-photogenic self and yet smile, because of your goofy friends and the good times you share with them? Do you ever have an argument with your mum, the usual, and yet deep inside, feel blessed to have such a person in your life to protect you and help you brave it all? Do you ever whine and complain to your father, about things in your head, just because you do not want to keep the phone down and you want to hear his reassurances and laughs?
Well, I do.
I think the gratitude bug has bit me hard this time, because little things make me so elated now. I complain far less now (Hopefully my friends will agree..)..I feel so much love for everyone in my life, and if I could rewind time, I would not want to forward anything, would just like to live every moment of …

Saving paper.. :)

Material worlds, is by far my favourite module, this semester. Here'a an extract of what I have been studying:

In the 20th century, it has been found that rising resource consumption and increasing rate of consumption has been achieved with lower quality inputs and Price per unit.
Now being the rational individuals that we are, we obviously wonder as to how this is even possible.
Well, it is a paradox, that we have been able to consume resources at such a fast pace, of lower quality without the prices even rising. In fact back in the days Erlich (this guy who believed in Malthusian principles) and Simon(who believed in 'knowledge is power' kind of stuff) had a bet about the rise of prices in metals like copper. Simon won and all, but that is another chapter altogether.

Anyhow, resources are things that are at the wrong place in the wrong state at the wrong time according to Porter and Sheppard- which is why we have to constantly change the way we live and all.

Resource Q…

The Story of Stuff

"There are three sides to any argument: your side, my side and the right side."

Aloha there!!

Have exams in just a few days now but had a thought I just felt had to be shared..

One of the modules that I study requires us to participate in discussions on which we get graded and which actually contributes to our term marks. Now the discussion board is like a battlefield where everyone draws out their daggers and swords and tear each other to pieces literally in the hope that they will be knighted with a Upper Second Class or even First class for their valour.
I recently figured out the art of immobilizing the fellow knights and dames with an almost Machiavellian scheme (Bembiavillian?). I adopt the role of the righteous one or the one who is not going to play God.

For example, in one of the discussions I lodged into how the NHS should have two lists of people with healthy habits and unhealthy habits and prioritise those with the healthy habits in terms of organ transplants. Now this smart soul asks the question about what criteria I was going to use to categorise…

This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time..

Hello there,
There are things in life, occurrences and happenings, reminding us of how vulnerable and weak we really are. How the elements of our existence depend on the beating of a fist sized heart.. How a cut somewhere can cause us to lose blood and we could still die.. How everything and anything is possible. The cause of such depressing thoughts so early in the morning? A Basic First Aid session last evening.. I am sure their intention was to teach us how to save lives and all, but it got me strolling down a totally different and depressing path- that of how the bodies we live in are so vulnerable to dying and decaying. And it got me into thinking-If we were made for some basic functions, how did we get to thinking beyond it all, and began to wonder over how we reached out to touch the concepts of love, peace, war, hope, faith and fear. Is the mind really a micro-processor contained in this body and trained to think beyond daily life functions. What are we?

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it~The Alchemist

There are moments in life, when the broken pieces of our lives fall right into place and everyone we know and see seem to be almost like angels, conspiring to acquaint us with our dreams and wishes. Well, I seem to be going through one such phase of moments. Which is queer in a way because with the current workload on my head, all I expected was a downhill ride into the doom they so kindly called 'examinations'. Examinations of what, may I ask? Of how many question papers it takes before our nerves pop and we go into unreturnable paths of craziness?
There you go, thinking about exams almost made me forget just what my good mood was about. It is about people helping me to get to my dream- a jam packed summer holidays await me with its promises of volunteering in Vietnam and an environmental management course closer home..
It's true what they say, life gives us surprises in bunches and showers.. :)
[well technically they say it some other way, this is my way of putting it..…

“If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character.Would you slow down? Or speed up?”

Hey world (literally because according to the Flag Counter, people from around the world do drop by here.. Woohoo!)..
Was just sipping some tropical tea and as usual, pondering over a lot of things, decided to spill some over here-the thoughts i mean, not the tea..

There is a whole tense month of May chasing after me, and troubling me with assignments, reports and exams, when all I want is dear old June, June the month of holidays, home and best of all, home cooked food.. But yes, June is also quite an overrated month.. Because home after a while, gets monotonous and dull, and soon I begin to dream of September, September with its Fresher's week, reunion with friends, new subject modules and new lectures, the time when this city has its best weather to share.. Even that after a while gets too much for my poor head, and I begin to wish for my birthday to arrive fast- November with my birthday-the cake, the friends, the partying, the wishes.. And soon I am wishing for some December …