This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time..

Hello there,
There are things in life, occurrences and happenings, reminding us of how vulnerable and weak we really are. How the elements of our existence depend on the beating of a fist sized heart.. How a cut somewhere can cause us to lose blood and we could still die.. How everything and anything is possible. The cause of such depressing thoughts so early in the morning? A Basic First Aid session last evening.. I am sure their intention was to teach us how to save lives and all, but it got me strolling down a totally different and depressing path- that of how the bodies we live in are so vulnerable to dying and decaying. And it got me into thinking-If we were made for some basic functions, how did we get to thinking beyond it all, and began to wonder over how we reached out to touch the concepts of love, peace, war, hope, faith and fear. Is the mind really a micro-processor contained in this body and trained to think beyond daily life functions. What are we?


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