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Flowery intricate garlands of words, they hide,
All that is not revealed.
For could we really have found,
Intricate enough words to wrap emotions in.

Isn't it strange to find,
How many emotions that brew,
In the depths of our brains.
And yet almost, in our finger tips we can  count,
The identified expressions and feels.

What about the cocktails of emotions,
Those which belong not,
In the rigid compartments we have created.
What of those we feel,
Which we cannot express to,
A soul in the world.

things could be worse..

sometimes i rise my head from above all the cotton candy world i seem to have pictured the world to be,
and i shudder to see all that i seem to have brushed aside,
won't people think me a fool, that i am all rainbows and cloudy fluffs while outside,
the world is a savage place, all run by selfish ulterior motives,
won't people laugh at me and my hopeless hopeless hopeful notions of life and people,

little do they know, while i convince them life's all chocolates and all things beautiful,
deep inside me a storm rages on, life's constant inner battle,
do i really believe myself when i throw around all this positivity,
i am no naive child, though sometimes i feel like one,
i am wary of all the things in the big bad world,
of all the things that are not right, of all the things that could have been..
but i also do realize,
with all the things there are, life could be a lot worse,
no matter in what situation we find,
if we choose to remember, no matter how hard life is,

Just a little something..

Faithless and without any hope,
You amble along life's path.
You have lost faith in it all you say,
How I wish I could show you,
There is still beauty in it all.

In the ashes that remain,
After all has been burned to the ground.
Like a phoenix you may rise,
From when life chokes you down.

Too often we trick ourselves,
We see romance in tragedy.
And court it, nurturing it.
We refuse to let go of all that's bad.
We turn our backs to the good.

Rise up from the cobwebs and the drudgery,
Peep from the dark side,
See how brightly lit the world is.

Life is unfair, Life is tiring,
Life deceives us from time to time,
Leaves us with the illusion of being all alone.
But look beside you, around you.
We are all walking the same way.
Reach out, reach in,
I promise you, solace you will find.

Don't let life break you down,
Instead face it as a challenge,
Happiness abound I promise.
There will be bad times too,
But life's beauty is brought out,
From braving the storm,
And waking up to …