Dear God- 'Why do I want to live?'

So, you know how we are required to write personal statements in order to gain a place in a university or workplace. Well, I thought maybe one day God is going to need personal statements from us in order to grant us a place in the world or heaven maybe. 
Dear God, therefore, accept my personal statement attached below... Hopefully I meet the requirements..

Life interests
Although I find myself constantly switching interests, certain things remain constant..

1. Photography
 The idea of capturing a moment- changing  colours of the sky, the window sill as raindrops splatter on its surface leaving behind droplets all isolated from one another and yet one in some way, normal day to day objects disarranged and yet forming a sort of picture, friends laughing away in unison unmindful of their surroundings.. These moments seem to be almost lost in oblivion unless I whip out a camera and snap it, freezing it so that the memories cannot run away.. Convincing me it is not a dream.. Making me treasure the world I live in..

2. Making my family and friends smile
I list this in my Interests because nothing makes me more complete than knowing I have them. And nothing motivates me more than knowing just how much my achieving certain things would matter to them. Their happiness will always be one of my major interests... 

3. Cooking
I have a confession, Dear God.. I love to cook.. And the sense of achievement I feel when I concoct a new dish out of mundane vegetables is just out-of-the-world, almost reaching your home material.. I live to eat in every way.. 

4. Books
Books also happen to find itself in the top 10 things I love about this earth.. Whether it be at the end of a tiring day, or a fresh jump into a new one, books have always formed a bridge between the days and transitions.

5. Music
So, let's be honest here God, you did not give me much talent in this department. But what you gave me was an ever eager ear, longing to hear music for comfort, solidarity in sadness, happiness and boredom... My interest in music remains ever so strong... Thank you God for that..

Purpose for Living
Hmm.. I will keep this section short and simple: Family and friends, Quest for my purpose in life (you haven't shown me a clear path yet, you see).. And chocolates.. (Mostly, they get me through rough patches..)..

Life Background
Yes, it has been two decades since you delivered me to this planet, Dear God, and I am loving every day of it.. I have gotten pretty good in the art of survival in fact. Life hasn't been a bed of roses, but every thorn brought with it lessons and you know what they say..(I am a fast learner, in case you forgot what they say ;) )

I will be really honest here.. I think my strength lies in the optimism with which I meet new challenges and the determination with which I finish the tasks that I set my eyes on.. And yes, I am pretty versatile as well.. And apparently a talkative friendly girl(which I take as a good thing, because all these years I thought I was a reticent and anti-social soul).. And yes, I keep my friends for life (It's hard sometimes, but I have a 97% success rate in doing that..)... And I am very impatient, It is often seen as a negative trait but it can be a good thing sometimes.. For one, I exercise frequently because of that (you know, walks up and down the corridor while waiting..).. 

Note: God, I could not find the template you wanted me to fill the Personal Statement in with, so I got this one from the LSE one.. And oh yes, if you got some contacts there, do get me in next year?? (I could be your messenger there, if you want..)

Much love,
Your biggest fan,

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