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People tire me with their imperfections, I can never love people in their entirety, That is my biggest flaw, Something which has only worsened with time.
It is not their flaws that tire me, It is their attempt to hide them. The way they stand, with their tails between their legs, Their sheepish smiles as they distract me, or atleast try to.
'Don't!', I want to yell at them, Screw the world and its addiction to happiness and rainbows, Show me your cracks, your darkness, And I will show you mine, And together we will revel in the intimacy that comes, From knowing the human side of each other. 
But I keep quiet,  I am getting good at that, the silence, I am starting to find it the right response to most questions these days. I bury the frustration, the yearning, I accept whatever little they have to give, And return with even lesser of me.
They don't seem to notice though, Fools, satisfied with so little.