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The Smelly and the Fragrant- A documentary

*White Noise*
*Documentary a la Discovery Channel style begins*

Though the species have evolved over decades, and have to an extent learned to create a killer concoction of odours which include some perpetually-on-sale-deodorants, they have still not learned to use the necessities provided by well wishing brands to the best of the other kind's advantage.

And so, both kinds live on, very much aware of the other's existence (unfortunately), separated by the black and white line of good odour and bad odour.
Most of the smelly kind look on, longingly to the Fragrant for they can never understand how the latter could have mastered the use of Water and soap to remain bearable to those who co-exist in their habitat.
Some of the Smellies, however, ignorant beings that they are, remain unaware of the living hazards their existence poses on their neighbours and unfortunate near-and-dears.

*Shot cuts to the other side of the concrete jungle- where people bathe under water falls and fanc…