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I want to feel whole again,
Feel the rush of the tumultuous sea
Beneath my feet.
Feel the boom of the fireworks,
Oh how they explode in the sky above.How often do we really feel though.
As the wise ones say,
We merely exist,
One day to another.
To pursue all things trivial.There are days like this,
When I do not see myself anymore.
When all I see is merely a cover,
Hollow and empty.

Hey now

I stumbled across an old friend today,
In the messily picturesque world of CP,
She brought back in my jumbled mind,
A whole new glossy window into a world gone by.Through the banter exchanged,
We found ourselves teleported,
To a scene left far behind.
In our dig of pleasantries and conversations,
We found within ourselves our old pasts.