things could be worse..

sometimes i rise my head from above all the cotton candy world i seem to have pictured the world to be,
and i shudder to see all that i seem to have brushed aside,
won't people think me a fool, that i am all rainbows and cloudy fluffs while outside,
the world is a savage place, all run by selfish ulterior motives,
won't people laugh at me and my hopeless hopeless hopeful notions of life and people,

little do they know, while i convince them life's all chocolates and all things beautiful,
deep inside me a storm rages on, life's constant inner battle,
do i really believe myself when i throw around all this positivity,
i am no naive child, though sometimes i feel like one,
i am wary of all the things in the big bad world,
of all the things that are not right, of all the things that could have been..
but i also do realize,
with all the things there are, life could be a lot worse,
no matter in what situation we find,
if we choose to remember, no matter how hard life is,
Things could be worse...


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