“If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character.Would you slow down? Or speed up?”

Hey world (literally because according to the Flag Counter, people from around the world do drop by here.. Woohoo!)..
Was just sipping some tropical tea and as usual, pondering over a lot of things, decided to spill some over here-the thoughts i mean, not the tea..

There is a whole tense month of May chasing after me, and troubling me with assignments, reports and exams, when all I want is dear old June, June the month of holidays, home and best of all, home cooked food.. But yes, June is also quite an overrated month.. Because home after a while, gets monotonous and dull, and soon I begin to dream of September, September with its Fresher's week, reunion with friends, new subject modules and new lectures, the time when this city has its best weather to share.. Even that after a while gets too much for my poor head, and I begin to wish for my birthday to arrive fast- November with my birthday-the cake, the friends, the partying, the wishes.. And soon I am wishing for some December to take me home.. Then some wish to fast forward to February and then again June.. Needless to say, a vicious cycle whose only solution is a 'fast forward' button.

But somewhere between dreams of June, I realised something, all my life I have been whining and complaining, wishing and waiting for months to fly, hoping to jump from one month to the other.. One of these days, I am going to start wishing for a rewind button.. To bring back the months I want to forward now.. And it made me think, instead of a desire for the 'fast forward button', why not try and pause at every month, take in its assorted memories-memories for fun times with my family and friends, of rushed last minute assignment submissions and the relief after that, the sad memories of the fights we have, everything.. Because one day, if a book had to be written or a movie made, this is what it is going to be made of..

Yes, the moral of this story, my fellow earthlings is, Take in each moment, even the painful ones, because these are the very moments which are what our lives are made of..


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