Happy as happy can be.. :D

Do you ever wake up in the morning, see a dull grey sky outside and yet feel light in your heart and mind, feel almost happy, just to be alive? Do you ever look through pictures, see how fat and chubby you look, cringe at your not-so-photogenic self and yet smile, because of your goofy friends and the good times you share with them? Do you ever have an argument with your mum, the usual, and yet deep inside, feel blessed to have such a person in your life to protect you and help you brave it all? Do you ever whine and complain to your father, about things in your head, just because you do not want to keep the phone down and you want to hear his reassurances and laughs?

Well, I do.
I think the gratitude bug has bit me hard this time, because little things make me so elated now. I complain far less now (Hopefully my friends will agree..)..I feel so much love for everyone in my life, and if I could rewind time, I would not want to forward anything, would just like to live every moment of it, all over again..
I guess this is all part of growing up, or maybe not, because most grown ups are so full of pessimism and hatred and what not, maybe this is about becoming younger at heart and learning to embrace life..
Whatever it is, I am loving every minute of it :D

(The view from my room-how can I not feel happy!!)


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