"There are three sides to any argument: your side, my side and the right side."

Aloha there!!

Have exams in just a few days now but had a thought I just felt had to be shared..

One of the modules that I study requires us to participate in discussions on which we get graded and which actually contributes to our term marks. Now the discussion board is like a battlefield where everyone draws out their daggers and swords and tear each other to pieces literally in the hope that they will be knighted with a Upper Second Class or even First class for their valour.
I recently figured out the art of immobilizing the fellow knights and dames with an almost Machiavellian scheme (Bembiavillian?). I adopt the role of the righteous one or the one who is not going to play God.

For example, in one of the discussions I lodged into how the NHS should have two lists of people with healthy habits and unhealthy habits and prioritise those with the healthy habits in terms of organ transplants. Now this smart soul asks the question about what criteria I was going to use to categorise people into such lists. He even listed the things he did and almost dared me to categorise him. I realised that I was in a very sticky situation, I could not ignore the comment out of sheer stubborness and also because I just could not let that soul get the better for me. So I played the 'I am not God/expert card'. I said 'Well, if I could answer such a question, I would be a professional working for the NHS and not be someone working hard to get a non-medical degree, The NHS being the great body that they are, would I am sure figure out the details and find a way of categorising people'. Easy way out of such a difficult question? (Or maybe not, only time and my grades will tell)..

While I am on about tips to avoid giving a wrong answer to questions, there is also a card that works-the 'Righteous one'. For example, in a discussion about elections, if a girl asks you why you feel voting in elections should be compulsory and that she did not want to agree with such a thing because she did not vote herself because she believed that she was not well informed etc etc- and you reply saying 'If the last few years have shown us anything, it is that responsive and responsible Governments can only be achieved if the people are actively taking part in elections and blah blah, and end with 'Wouldn't you feel guilty if you and many others wasted your votes just because you couldn't be bothered to inform yourselves and vote' or something along those lines, I believe you have the person pretty cornered. To disagree with you would mean she was not a good enough citizen and to agree with you would mean you are right! Wahaha..

Back to revision-mode now..
Stay tuned for more Bembiavillian schemes

So long :)


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