My world of Why's and What-if's..

Life is very generous when it comes to handing us the lemons. There seem to be hurdles everywhere, and yes though it does add more sweetness to success and all that, own up, a bland life sounds somewhat more preferable.

I realised today, life is easy when you have got people to point at and blame when things go wrong. But what if there is no such scape-goat. What if the mistake is made by the person on the other side of the mirror? What then are we to do?

I have so many dreams. Not found one yet to live my life for, but nevertheless small dreams, to get me from one point to the other until I find the real deal. I want to make my loved ones proud. I want to try and be more independent. I want to prove to myself that I am good enough. I want to graduate with top marks. Blah Blah.

And mind boggling, how all this can crash with such a innocuous looking problem. That too, worth 20 credits. A seemingly small price for dreams, you would think. But the psychological impact of such 'small' events are kind of taking their toll on me. I am actually having to question myself about the confusion in my head. How can I be so uncertain and indecisive about life? The world is one cruel place, there is no space and road for someone bound to get lost at every crossing. It's a man-eat-man world. How do I get out of all this??

Mind boggling. eating up my head.


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