And you may say I am a dreamer, but please tell me I am not the only one.. :P

Hola world..
It's been a long day (Today being the first day I decided to actually go out and start earning some hours for the compulsory volunteering hours I needed for one of my many modules).
Being a normal University student (a tad bit the 'lazy' kind), I grumpily shut my alarm, sipped some hastily made coffee and dreading the 'cleaning challenge' I had signed up for, turned up at the place just about on time. At first, picking up litter from the streets in some obscure corner of the city seemed so mundane, so boring. But as I went past the houses, picking up the little bits of rubbish (and sometimes even pretty big ones), I got to thinking about the ingenuity of the City council. I mean, it's a gain gain situation for everybody. The City council has lesser tasks to do, the community has cleaner streets and the student volunteers- Well, they get their much needed hours and this very good feeling of having done something productive for once.

And the dreamer that I am, I got to imagining how this could be done back home, in Imphal. How schools could adopt 'community cleaning' as part of the compulsory SUPW, along with the usual knitting, cross-stitch, art and the other usual stuff. There would be lesser garbage on the streets and for once, maybe the roads could begin to be less associated with the smell of rotting garbage.


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