Manipur on fire..

There is a fervent in the blood of our youth, which if tapped, could help the State of Manipur achieve great heights, but if not, which would poison our society, lead to chaos and anarchy, and further degrade the state.

This is the thought which runs through my mind everytime I read an article about the happenings in the State. I see the comments made my Manipuris on the facebook group page (Manipur comments) and somehow feel that if this is not just lip service, Our state will do just fine when this generation takes over power. But then power itself is such a drug, it poisons our inside and burns up all the integrity and ambition for general welfare, leaving behind just a tiny ember of dying patriotism.

But all we have is
Hope, hope for change, radical change in our system..
Love, for all people living in the state
Respect, for the diverse communities,
Honesty,to ensure that all men alike, work for the welfare of that state...

Only then can Manipur be known to the world for better things than just a corrupt killing field.


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