Everyday we read about Global warming, Climate change, pollution and various other environmental issues, and I find it slightly ironical that we always say 'Save the environment' or 'Save mother nature'. The truth is, the environment does not need any saving, and neither does the earth. It will go on revolving around the sun, it will go on existing, whereas it is us who are in serious threat of extinction. It is us who are now been forced to find ways to adapt to the ever changing environment. Talking about this adaptation, have you ever noticed, while the developed countries have already planning and even implementing solutions and means to combat climate change, the developing countries are still very much discussing whether it even exists and thinking what they 'could' do in the future. Sad, but true.

Anyway, coming back to the point, wake up earthlings. It is ourselves we need to save, not 'Mother earth'. Like it or not, mother earth will go on existing after we all die.

Save ourselves. Save the human population. That is what environmental campaigns should be about.


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