Rainy days

Hello world.
Yet another rainy day here, and once again, am room-bound, with just my laptop and Tesco's Apple and Raspberry 'Slightly sparkling' water for company.

Isolation is such a strange thing. On one hand, it means quiet time and yet there is ever really a sense of silence inside the head. Yes, there are so many clashing feelings making waves in the contours of my brain's interconnecting nerves. There, I really wish I had taken Mrs.Mishra's Biology classes sincerely. Then, I would atleast know exaxtly which part of my brain I was talking about.

Nevertheless, back to my thought of the day- Why does it matter to us what people really think about us? Yes, some of us might be living in denial about how seriously we take the opinions of others about us, but a majority of us have asked this to ourselves at some point in our lives.

My opinion about this is that: Man being a social animal needs the companionship of others, needs to feel loved in order to be motivated to strive for better things. Man wishes for power, in some form or the other, over others. We just like it when others share our beliefs and opinion. This takes me back to the explanation my father gave me some years ago, on one of his monologues about life and everything else. And he said, everyone, from the Head of State to a religious leader to a common man all have one sole purpose in life-to achieve power and control in some form, whether it be through money, fame or spreading of ideas. I guess that is just what we come to earth for. To try and get our voice heard, amidst thousand others. Makes me wonder, who really is listening..


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