Angry birds etc

While back in India a  yoga guru hogs the limelight and makes absurd and practical demands in one breath,
and the Government stages its own Olympics, with sprints to the airport and then boxing away the ridiculous statements,
the people watch on, looking left and right, who to believe and who to follow.
Excellent game by the way.. ;)
A Government is by the people, of the people and for the people we learned in Civics way back in school,
As we grow old, we increasingly see that is so much the case.
The Government is rather a video game, like Angry birds,
We elect pig like leaders (forgive the metaphor) and are soon dissatisfied, soon we are slinging ourselves at them,
Trying to shake things up, trying to make changes,
But really what can we expect..

So we play on, game after game..
We play on as we nonchalantly chant great speeches about India being a superpower and all that,
On the other hand, our neighbours march on,
Earning laurels even as far as a French Open title..
What do we do even in that field,
Controversies about dress code and advertisements galore is all we have witnessed.

What do we do,
What can we do,
But sigh.. Oh what a nation we call home..


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