m-a-n-c-h-e-s-t-e-r's indifference

As the curtain almost falls on my chapter entitled 'Manchester', I cannot help but feel a sort of dread.
This city having been my home for three whole years has endeared itself to me, binding me to its buildings and people. It feels like it was only yesterday I stepped into this city with my mother, the memory vivid of the first sight- toy like buildings from the flight above.. 

And now having figured out the big and small lanes between buildings and absorbed the sights this brilliant city has to offer, I cannot help but already miss its indifference. It is a strange thing to miss- this indifference. I can almost feel your confused faces- why would anyone want indifference? you might ask..

Well, some cities, take the great city we call Delhi for example, have a population who devours you with their stares. They have a knack of spotting peculiarities and letting these peculiarities realize it.  
Manchester is different. It is indifferent and lets you be.. 

It is one where peculiarities runs deep in its veins, where the old and the new, pretty and the unpretty, shiny and dull, all exist alongside one another. In a sort of indifference.. 


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