New lows

Newspaper article reads- DESAM vandalises partying-bar, rounded up teenagers (; there are videos already being circulated on social media documenting this 'raid'- men yelling at shocked girls who were just out to have a good day. 
The organization justified it as a means of controlling 'cultural pollution' in the state. Apparently the youth of the state were falling prey to the evils of the world- booze etc, and needed such actions to save them all from doom. 
I guess living in such a place, where such well wishers roam around, forcefully conducting 'Keina Katpa' of couples on dates and storming cafes and restaurants, and dictating what you can drink and do (and taking photographs and videos of such raids- of only the girls caught, and not the boys, mind you), one can be forgiven for wondering if one has time traveled to the medieval ages, or even the age of Taliban. The naharols had already sought to dictate terms when it comes to the uniform the women of the state have to wear to schools and colleges. Soon, they will be entering our households and making all sorts of life decisions for us. 

There are several things which irk me regarding this. Firstly, why are only the women folk targeted when it comes to moral policing here? There is something very chauvinistic about the fact that it's only the women whose lives are intensely monitored and then stigmatized when 'caught' by such well wishers. The men are left alone, or at most given a beating. But the women? They are harassed and haunted for the rest of their lives. Why these double standards?

Secondly, as far as I know (correct me if I am wrong, sometimes I feel I am), we are in the 21st century in a democratic country. Each of us enjoy fundamental rights- certain freedoms. Maybe most of these people skipped their Polity classes to participate in dharnas and what not, but hello? We can choose to do what we wish, unless it infringes on others' freedom and rights. Since when is drinking with a group of friends and dating heinous crimes which affected your way of life? 

Okay, drinking alcohol and all that is extremely harmful etc. If these organizations really do care, why not stop all of it from the top to bottom- target those who bring in the booze (The army canteens? The big shots who bring it all on a massive scale?)- Okay, if they want to focus on only cafes and restaurants- why not all of them? There are so many here owned by influential folks- why are those excluded? Where does all the courage and venom go then? 

Cultural pollution they call it? I don't know what they were doing during their school days but surely they studied that unless you control all sources of pollution, it won't go away? Shutting down one industry won't magically make all the carbon monoxide and dioxide float away. You have to shut down all at the source. 
Or if you can't, get used to the polluted air, and environment. Buy masks to protect yourself, and let others breathe however they wish to.
You get what I am saying... 

Live and let live.


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