A little note.

Sometimes we just don't see eye to eye. Sometimes we answer the phone already angry and ready to snap. We seem to have lost the giggles and bull-fights we had back when I was younger. So many things have changed. If it means I go apart from you, I hate growing up.
 Look at me closely, I am still the little girl for whom the safest place in the world is in your arms. I am still the little girl who misses you everyday she is away from you. I am still the little girl for whom you are the most important person in the world. I am still the little girl for whom nothing matters more than your appreciation. I am still the little girl who would give up everything in her world for you and that would still not be enough to show you how much she loves you.
I might get irrational. I might annoy you with my impatience. I know I tend to be selfish and think only for myself. I know you deserve way better than this. That you are worth far more that I give credit to you for.
But see me. See me, I am still the same little girl who cries every time she parts ways with you. The little girl who chokes on her tears when she hears your voice on a hard day.
Know that I care, Know that I am still the same. And know that I never want to hurt you and that in fact, it hurts me twice as much every time I hurt you.
Just know.


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