Like a fish out of the water..

It has been a while, and like always, there are a million things in my head waiting in a queue, to jump out and appear here in readable words. And like any other Indian queue, this queue is pretty disorderly and all the thoughts fight with each other to appear first.

Ah, there is one I must share. This time, coming back to university, I happened to have the good (mis)fortune of being able to upgrade my seat from the usual Economy to Business class. As I stretched out my legs and looked around, I found myself feeling a little out of place. I was not, you see, very familiar with the soft push buttons which flicked out the leg rest here and a tray there, the video screen which had to be pressed and then rotated and twisted to be able to watch the array of movies which kept me entertained for the length of my flight. I was also not very comfortable with the way the air hostesses smiled extra sweetly and offered me just about anything and everything. And with the way the other seats were occupied by smartly dressed cold looking individuals who maintained straight faces and seemed acquainted with everything. The way in which they read their Financial times newspapers and Top Gear magazines in sombre silence made me crave for loud aunties with wailing babies. Even the mind-boggling array of snacks and meals made me wish a genie would appear and magically transfer me to a plain Economy class seat where the choice was pretty much 'Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian, Ma'am?'..

I guess what I am trying to say is, I got off that flight a little more certain of where I wanted to be,always, in life (and in flights..). Simplicity is what I want, always. I do not want seats that can twist and bend in a hundred ways, I want seats that I feel comfortable crashing against. I want food that I can eat stretched out, not caring who saw the sauce dripping down onto the table, not forks and spoons and knives and china plates. I want a simple life, with enough to sustain my life and which let me be who I am-clumsy, confused and   indecisive.


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