Complexity and simplicity

Manchester 2009
Amidst all the confusion and anxiety a realisation dawned on me.
Why worry about what I was going to be doing,
In say a year from now or even twenty.
I had life's purpose so well set out,
If not the exact path.

There are so many lives in need of some light,
So many lives hungry and cold,
So many aching for love and warmth,
Here I am so wrapped up in my warm room,
Complaining about the heating and the non-functional light in the hallway.
When back in my own country,
There are thousands who shiver to death in the cold,
Thousands who spend their nights next to a candle.

Why must I worry about such frivolous issues,
Why must I spend my days fretting over simple things,
When the complex world awaits me..


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