Breathe slow

Music plays in the background adding a beat to the thoughts which stream in the insides of my head. There is a lot in my head- applications, dissertation, holidays, friends.. There is a pile of books in front of me to read, a pile of envelopes to send out to hotshot universities- Sometimes I am afraid this will be the only time I get to spell out their names. I am afraid I will not have a place to go.

This chapter is slowly drawing to a close. I need to find a place to go after. London seems to call out, and I try to answer, rather reticently. Not a big fan of big cities you see. But if that is where my destiny awaits, so be it.
There is a common thing with people, places and things- we, as human beings are pretty capable of growing to like something. First impressions can often be wrong too. This is the hope with which I apply to colleges in London. I know they would be the most stable stepping stones for me, to the destination I know nothing about.
Maybe I will find salvation and a new purpose in the chaotic mess of London, in its bright red buses, subways and traffic. Maybe my confusion will drown itself in its seas of people. Maybe.

For now all I can do is wait- for rejections. For acceptance. Wait..


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