Masters of our fate, captains of our souls..

We have heard this story countless of times, a tale of gloom and foreboding. A tale about how our existence on earth was in its 11th hour (amazing documentary by the same name by the way..).. 

It's almost an action movie. 
Bad guys- being the corporate power houses, who control the economy and political systems, trapping the world in a web of consumerism- where we almost become zombie-like in our thirst for more and more goods. 
They control the systems we operate in. And increasingly we are being led towards the edge of the cliff.. one wrong step and we could be wiped off the face of the earth...
Each one of us have heard of climate change, global warming, loss of biodiversity, water and food crisis... we just fail to believe it is happening now, threatening us.. We have been led to believe we are masters of planet earth and that we can continue our pursuit of happiness through limitless growth.. 

On the other hand, the good guys Nature(in this case) is being increasingly diminished and degraded. Look around us, our waters are becoming increasingly unusable, our forests are disappearing, there is increasing desertification of large tracts of lands, the good old plants and animals are being wiped out of existence..

The movie has reached intermission time. It is time we lay our popcorn aside and did some serious rethinking- watched movies like 'An inconvenient truth' and 'the 11th hour' and re-examined our role on planet earth.
Are we really going to let these bad guys take down our Earth in their quest for more and more money? Are we going to stand aside and let society be ripped apart and children made to believe I-pods and cars are what makes our lives a happier one and that pursuit of these is the way of life?
Or are we going to be the Masters of our fate, and change this way of life.. Into a more sustainable one.. where happiness is not measured by the gadgets we own and the holidays we take, but by the way we co-exist with other living things and the way we appreciate nature.. 

The power is indeed OURS.
 (picture from the
We have been taught many a times to respect individuals, countless cases fought to respect lives of human beings.. Just because the birds, animals and trees cannot speak and the lands and water bodies cannot cry out 'Stop' does not mean their voices remain unheard.. Listen close.. Listen. Just listen. Can you not hear the Earth cry out 'Enough!!'.. We often forget how vulnerable we really are, how ant-sized we are compared to the size of the universe, we often take our existence for granted...

It is about time we stood up and took notice.. and made a few tweaks in our lives and even bigger ones in our societies...
Our future generations do not deserve to inherit a money-crazy zombie earth driven by material greed. They deserve the earth just like the one we inherited from our forefathers. 

Sit up.. and hear the voices of change. And answer them..
It has already cost the Earth and us a lot in ignoring these calls of alarm...


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