Just a rant

We live in a world where we constantly battle with those who stand in our way.We push, we shove, we coax obstacles to get to our destinations.Through it all, what bothers me most is when those  we call our own seek something in us, Something we do not have.

We are human, of course it's in our nature to want the best from our own. But when that becomes a pressure, it does not bode so well.
'Lose weight'. Something I hear all the time. And it is an issue I feel so defensive about. I understand, in most cases, it is said with the best of intentions. But in most, it is said by these 'know-it-all's in such patronizing tones. Something like weight is such a personal issue.

I am an insecure person, just learning to accept myself the way I am. When people chose to make their business to remark on my weight and such, it makes me doubt myself, to scrutinize myself. It is such an irony- you want me to be a confident woman unafraid of the world, and yet you tear me apart and wait around expecting. You choose to pin-point at my flaws, telling me to change this and change that. How then do you expect me to stand and face the world proud of myself.


  1. Just some words of confidence....
    Believe in yourself:)

  2. I love you Meenaluuuu! :)


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