Nan Nook..

Hello there,
My back feels like a hundred Bems somehow managed to hop on and jumped on it the whole day( it hurts!) and my legs feel so worn out that if I had to walk one more mile, I would prefer being run over by a submarine or something.. (The point is, you can't really be run over by a submarine, can you?).. basically I feel great, sweaty, tired and in dire need of some stretching out, but still great.

Well, I was not exercising, in case you were wondering. I volunteered in the Nan Nook Woodlands as part of my MLP Module, and what they should have mentioned in the Sign up sheet instead of 'path building and litter picking ' was 'Hard core manual labour, not really meant for women, involves shovelling wood shavings and decomposed material into a wheel barrow using a ten tonne or something spade and then taking it to another spot and dumping it there. And then spreading it out and building paths. The litter picking? Oh, going into deep woods and picking up dog poo, broken beer bottles and wrappers.' How the people went in and actually managed to litter there is beyond my comprehension.

Yes, you might be getting this feeling that I did not enjoy it much, on the contrary, at the end of the day it felt good to have been part of the 'development of Nan Nook Woodlands' which is a secondary ancient woodlands management funded by an organisation called Red Rose. What we did today was part of the Manchester City council's efforts to make the Park more accessible to people and in a way encourage them to use the paths instead of trampling over the vegetation in the area. Hmm.. Already thinking about how we can use this somehow back home.. :)
And yes, that smell of sweat and mud is from me.. A shower?


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