Much love and gratitude..

Easter break is still on, and while I cannot say much about the work I have pending and the exams which are menacingly close for which I have to revise, I have been doing a lot of thinking.
There is a point in our lives, when we feel a sense of pride in the person we have become, in the way we have grown from the person we knew back then. We feel satisfaction in knowing that we have managed to iron out some of our flaws and that we have managed to change just a few lives for the better. Well, I do feel it to an extent at this point in time. My essay marks might not be top of the class, I might not be breaking any world records for remarkable feats, but I have grown up so much and have developed an almost strong set of values. I have not led down anyone, or atleast I hope I haven't. I have always strived to cheer up anyone who seemed low. I do not do anything which I know I will regret later on, and which will let down my loved ones.
But there also comes a time when we realise just who is responsible for making us the people we are today. For me, my parents. They can be impossible to understand sometimes and sometimes I feel like we come from different planets. But what I have never stopped doubting is their level of love for me. Their giving up almost everything just so I could be a better individual. Their concern for my health, well being and happiness. How everytime I fall, they come rushing to my rescue each time. How they get angry with me for not spending enough of their money, even though I feel as if I have almost emptied their treasury. How they do not hesitate in giving me whatever I want or indulge in, even if it means they have to sacrifice something of their own. How they gave me such a strong set of values and taught me to be the person I am today. How they let go of me and let me come so far from home, just so I could learn to be independent and stand on my own two feet.
I always have this fear in me that I will let them down somehow in life, that I won't be able to meet their expectations. That I won't be able to repay them for all that they have done for me. It scares me sometimes to know that I might be failing them somehow.
So yes, this blog post is to those two people who gave me everything, without them I would actually be nothing. And I know he will be reading this soon enough, and that he will be reading this out to the other one,
so here's to us.. and here's hoping I can make all your dreams come true.. ;)


  1. Hey Bem,
    Nice to hear you appreciating and acknowledging your wonderful parents. Anybody who is bound by such love, and yet feels a responsibility of his / her own, would never fail. Come on young woman, be proud and confident, you have a long journey ahead in life and its meant to be led with a smile on your face and a spring in your steps!


  2. Hey Vasu,
    Thanks.. That's a very encouraging message.. I will try my best.. :D
    Hope the same for you btw..(replacing the 'woman' with 'man' that is)


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