(gardening in Bridge, a learning disability college)
(the pass.. )

There are moments in life, which make us question our lifestyle and emotions. We get on with our lives everyday, walk to the university lectures or work almost grudgingly, cook our daily meals wishing we could be doing something and sometimes just doodling just because we are bored. We hate to exercise and dread running or playing games sometimes. All this never once stopping to think about how for some, these tasks do not come naturally. The people with 'learning disabilities'.

Wondering where this thought thread came to be? Well, I volunteered for a project in a learning disability school today and seeing the students there struggle with mundane tasks such as cooking, walking, eating and even drawing sparked off an internal debate. We take these things for granted, in fact we (at times) complain about how our food tastes bland, how we hate to walk to lectures, how we hate to draw in class, yet and there exists people who would give anything to be able to do these things. There are people who spend each day of their lives learning to gradually communicate with people, who are unable to express themselves, and here we are, lazying around uselessly, complaining and whining... Such is life..
Food for thought?


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