There's an app for that..

Once upon a time, there lived a world who believed in diversity, who did not believe the need to follow a cult or buy an item just because 'they' were told they needed that. Then came October 2001, when this man by the name of Steve Jobs released a rather strange looking MP3 player and insisted that this was what we were looking for. It was just another music player, at first only available in white but later in a range of sizes and colours but essentially just something that plays music. The I-pod does not have an FM-radio system, it stores as much music as the other MP3 players, and is rather plain-Jane, but because of some reason I have never been able to fathom, became a rage. I have rather been rebellious in the sense that I only succumbed to this craze once, I have seen and heard of people who felt the need to own almost all of the new models.

My point of writing this post is to express my 'lack' of understanding for what makes this world so crazy about gadgets without which we lived pretty well previously. The I phone,Blackberry and I-Pad are other examples.
Don't think I am one of those who stayed far away from these and never really desired one. I have also almost given in to these temptations several times in life, but always fought it off each time and have managed to live with the lesser known alternatives out of plain stubborness sometimes. Might also join in on the craze and get myself one of these devices sometime in the near future, just to figure out the X factor which makes these devices tick (or just to join in. If you can't beat them, join them right?)..

Till then, the world of Ipodders, Iphoners, Blackberriers and future ipadders will continue to confound and almost daze me...
(rumour has it, they did not even leave Scooby Doo...!)


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