Fragile-handle with care O.O

The more I think of it, the more I realise (and as you must have established by now,I am a thinking individual!), we humans are really insolent and cheeky.. Think about it. We must be smaller than ants when it comes to comparing our size with that of the universe and whatever there is beyond that. And we act as if we own the whole place. We send our men to the moon, we launch satellites out to space to see what's going on, we research and work out what lies beyond.. We do all these things as if we are going to be around forever, almost unmindful of how vulnerable we really are. There is a wild wild unknown space out there, and all that separates us from it is a 'blanket' of atmosphere, most parts of which is so fragile that some substance called CFCs can actually pierce holes through it.. And we continue, with our ambitions, our emotions as if we are all that matters in this world. There are countless planets in this universe, much bigger than earth and which have vanished unseen, unheard at the strike of a comet or a shower of meteorites.

It scares me sometimes, to think of how fragile we really are, how exposed we lie, vulnerable to so many things, known and unknown, and yet how we live on, trying to keep pace with life and everything else.


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