Life is a game?

You know how everyone says 'Life is a game' or something like that? I think they are right. But it's not Supermario we are playing (come on, our goal in life is not eating mushrooms and rescuing princesses from dragons while jumping over porcupines and viruses) or Monopoly (well, most of us are not buying property, are we!). The game we are really playing is, wait for it, Bouncing balls!!!Yes, I see your incredulous face, some of you might even be saying 'What is she drinking/smoking?!', but think about it.

We have a limited period of time left on earth, with the end coming closer everyday, then we got different colour-coded balls we got to shoot before it all ends, red for love, white for friends, yellow for work, and so on that we got to shoot before it all ends. Not shoot, but 'deal with'? And sometimes life does put us in positions where we have to make a blind shot. Or we even make the wrong shot sometimes which forces us to make a series of other wrong shots. And one day, all the remaining ones will come crashing down on us and all that we will be able to see is a 'Game over'.. Pretty bleak eh?
(I blame it on my lack of sleep/work to do...)


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